Actionable steps you can take

The hardest thing about writing is getting started. Create an environment that enables your creativity or go to a location where you can quiet your mind and think about things that interest you and which you want to write about.

Building your confidence comes with practice. When you feel confident, your work gets to see the light of day. It’s also that much easier to press publish, select submit or click send once you have completed your articles. Here are seven ways to help you write more confidently.

1. Write a Little Bit Everyday

You can start off by writing just 100 words a day. Before…

Watching out for these signs could save you heartbreak

Image by Pinterastudio on Pixabay

Dating and relationships can be a minefield or a garden of roses. With minefields, at first everything looks like it will be plain sailing. There’s no sign of danger until you hit a landmine. Then everything is up in the air.

Rose gardens can be just as deceiving. Your senses are lulled as you take in the sweet aroma of the roses. The soft petals between your fingers make you believe nothing could ever be more beautiful, until you’re pricked by a thorn.

Spotting that a potential, or even current partner is not the one for you can be hard…

Writing is only part of the equation

Image by Nicole De Khors

Producing quality work is vital for success. Unfortunately quality work will get you nowhere if nobody gets to see your work. Visibility plays a huge role in your success as a writer.

Someone once said that writers should spend 20% of their time writing and 80% promoting their work. It’s the need for visibility which has resulted in the creation of Facebook groups where writers can do so. If you’re not actively promoting your work, it’s time to start.

Apart from Facebook there are many other platforms where writers can promote their work. The ones I use are:


I have…

For the love of Maths

Image by Marijana1 on Pixabay

A groom loves maths so much he decided to share his passion with his wedding guests. In order to find their table the guests first had to solve a maths equation.

The groom, James, is a maths teacher who thought it would be fun to get wedding guests to use their mathematical skills to find their table number. He got the idea from his wife Gemma.

Some of the equations were easy — 1+1 and others were a bit more complex. …

It’s amazingly easy

Image by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Ihave recently come across articles on my feed talking about how to add audio files to Medium articles. I have added videos before but not audio files. Since this is something I have been wanting to do I decided to find out what the writers had to say.

Adding audio files to your Medium articles means you can increase the read time, which translates to higher earnings if the readers are part of the Medium partner programme.

I found the method shared by Vanessa Hinojosa amazingly easy. You can read the full article with step by step instructions here.


Including getting out of awkward situations easily

Little girl with hands over her mouth
Image by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

I consider myself a quiet person. When I believe I have nothing of value to say, I usually don’t say anything. Sometimes people have asked why I don’t speak up more often. The main reason is that over the years I have learnt that there are many benefits to being a quiet person. Here are five:

1. It Can Get You Out of Awkward Situations

When you are known for being a quiet person there is no pressure for you to share your view or opinion. …

Why you should heed this advice

Image by Nastya_gapp on Pixabay

Twitter can be such a goldmine for inspiration and words of wisdom.

My favourite tweet this week comes from Maura Quint -- maura quint — though I am not sure if she is the original writer.

Here are the 20 things women should stop wearing after the age of 30.

1 - 20: The weight of other people’s expectations and judgements.

One user commented that this is good advice for any age. I agree with them one hundred percent.

Here’s Why it’s Important to Heed this Advice

It will help you live free from comparison and the need to please.

Carrying the burden of other people’s opinions weighs…

Life also rewards those who are consistent

Image by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

Francis of Assisi

It may be true that fortune favours the brave, the ones willing to take risks. Does it mean you will miss out if you’re not courageous? Not necessarily. The good news is that if you show up for life daily, and give it your best shot whilst stepping up your game, opportunities will start coming your way.

If you are new to writing, keep writing and learning from the masters. …


You may hate losing your dignity but definitely ditch your pride

Woman wearing sunglasses and carrying shopping bags
Image by Freestocks on Unsplash

“We were watching you,” the nice lady remarked. “I told my husband — she’s going to fall, she’s going to fall — and you did.”

That’s not really how you start a conversation with someone who is sprawled on a public pavement with no strength to get up.

As I lay there listening to her a thought crossed my mind. Did she will me to fall? No, she definitely had nothing to do it. This was all my own doing. My own lack of judgement and thinking, assuming I was something I wasn’t.

Maybe if I was built like Dwayne…


And hurts like hell

Three red roses on an open white book — love and relationships
Image by Thought Catalogue on Unsplash

Louise took a sip of her drink and rubbed her chin as she contemplated her choice. It was not one to be made lightly, after all her decision would determine her future. Her thoughts were interrupted by a tap on the shoulder. It was her friend Laura.

“Thanks for coming at such short notice. I need your help,” she began.

Laura nodded, shook her head, threw her arms up and occasionally interjected with a piece of advice as she listened to Louise’s story.

“You’re gifted, intelligent and have a good education. It’s time you took action,” she finally said as…

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