And increase your earnings

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Establishing yourself as an authority in your field can be a life-changing experience. Some people don’t like calling themselves expert because they don’t have social proof. I have good news for you if you fall into this category.

Being an expert is more than just a title or providing evidence in the form of social proof. It means that you understand your customer or clients problem and are able to provide a suitable solution.

It’s easy to become an expert especially if the problem is an uncommon one or it the first time that it has actually surfaced. I love…


Or is it just another marketing strategy used by success gurus?

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Starting the day early has been the cornerstone of many success strategies, but does this habit really live up to the hype?

When it comes to success trends, rising early has probably come across your radar. In his book, Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod has much to say about how this practice changed his life. He even came up with an acronym (SAVERS ) for the things one should do upon waking.

S — Silence

A — Affirmations

V — Visualisation

E — Exercise

R — Read

S — Scribe

There have long been claims about waking up early and achieving…


An ode to flyers that have come through my door

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To all the flyers I’ve loved before

The ones that came through my front door

I’m glad they came along

I dedicate this poem

To all the flyers I’ve loved before

To all the flyers I once have read

And may I say, I’ve read the best

They gave me useful facts

But ended in the trash

To all the flyers I’ve read before

The calling of the internet

Well it keeps carrying me away

The attractive ads of the internet

They get me carried away

To the all the flyers that changed my life

With the menus that restored…

Writing is only part of the equation

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Producing quality work is very important to success. Unfortunately quality work will get you nowhere if nobody gets to see your work. Visibility plays a huge role in your success as a writer.

Someone once said that writers should spend 20% of their time writing and 80% promoting their work. It’s the need for visibility which has resulted in the creation of Facebook groups where writers can do so. If you’re not actively promoting your work, it’s time to start.

Apart from Facebook there are many other platforms where writers can promote their work. The ones I use are:



And discovered new things about myself in the process

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It doesn’t matter how much you enjoy being on your own, being on lockdown is taxing. Being forced to face four walls day in and day out with nowhere to go can drive you crazy.

The novelty of doing nothing wears off pretty quickly. Before long, fatigue sets in. Prior to the lockdown I didn’t know that having nothing to do could be so exhausting.

Before you shoot me down for being lazy, let me explain. As long as you’re alive there’ll always be something to do. You have to earn a living, groom yourself, keep your surroundings clean, run…


It could help you achieve your goals sooner

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To do lists are great way of helping you get organised when you have a lot to do. They act as your second brain, lessening the risk of you forgetting important tasks. They also help free your brain of clutter so you can focus on what matters.

There is a dark side when to do lists get so long that they become overwhelming, as more items are added to them. The bright side is when you see all the items you managed to tick off. This can be satisfying at the end of a long and tiring day. It can…

And how to rekindle that first love

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Do you remember the euphoria, the utter feeling of joy when you first received an order from your very first customer? Remember how you told everyone about it? It was one customer, one client, but when talking about them you somehow multiplied them and they became a plural.

“My customers,” you would announce to no one in particular, your chest swelling with pride.

Soon, the one really did become many, and that’s when everything changed. You started saying things like:

“Some customers are [fill in the blank.]”

What happened? You fell out of love with some of your customers. Instead…


Life’s little surprises — Part Six

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Danny was gone. It was still hard to believe. With no son to take over from him Michael decided to hand over the reigns to his vice president, Billy. He arranged a meeting with the solicitor to discuss the details and get him to draw up the necessary paperwork.

When Michael arranged a special meeting with his vice president, Billy suspected what it would be about, but didn’t want to pre-empt the conversation.

“My son has been gone for a while now,” Michael began.

Billy had noticed how Michael never spoke of Danny as being dead. It was always “gone”…

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Don’t be afraid to be seen trying. Don’t be afraid to be seen failing. You don’t have to get it right the first time. — Rejoice Denhere

Everyone is at a different stage on their writing journey. Some are just starting out, whilst others are established and reaping the rewards of their hard work. Wherever you are in your journey, keep going, keep writing.

Don’t be afraid to be seen trying. Don’t be afraid to be seen failing either. …


Life’s little surprises — Update

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This is a quick update on your favourite series about Danny McCabe in Life’s Little Surprises.

After the last published story, many of you have been asking — What happened to Danny? I know you all hope that he is well, and that everything will be ok. Many of you have been rooting for him.

I will be publishing the last part of this series soon. Keep your eyes peeled for a surprise ending.

If you have missed out on this series you can catch up here.

Rejoice Denhere helps businesses and individuals recover from setbacks, putting them on the…

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