Use these strategies for success instead

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There have been a lot of conversations about monetising content on Medium and all the changes that the platform has implemented in recent months. It’s pushed new writers to focus on growing their follower count to achieve success.

If this is the strategy you’re using, you’re going about it the…


Following a routine is good but listening to your body is even better

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Unless you’re a sworn procrastinator or are obstinately lazy, varying your daily routine could be the best thing you do for yourself. Your wellbeing may well depend on it.

I switched from night owl to an early lark. I felt accomplished counting myself as a member of the 5am Club…


10 Things women wish men knew

Heterosexual couple lying in a bed with white linen
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Male relatives, friends as well as acquiantances always ask me questions about women. They seem confused by our behaviour, especially when we ghost you. Just when you thought things were going pretty well we disappear.

In no particular order, here are 10 things women wish men knew.

1. You Don’t Know How To Kiss

Please practice on…


By identifying and leveraging your unique superpowers

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Superheroes have superpowers and so do you. Everybody has a superpower. I know that when you think of a superpower you think of something big, something that can make a massive change on a big scale very quickly and impress the world.

That’s what movies like Superman, Batman and Spiderman…

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