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  • Mariam Naficy

    Mariam Naficy

    Founder & CEO, Minted; Co-Founder, Eve.com

  • Fatema Binte Mujibul

    Fatema Binte Mujibul

    A writer fusing lessons of life.

  • Zahan


    Consultant | Entrepreneur | Business Coach | Writer | Investor

  • Verbieann Hardy

    Verbieann Hardy

    Trying hard to be a Jesus follower. I write about life, spirituality, and relationships as I age with grateful grit. More about me at www.thirdactwriting.com.

  • Michelle Udoh

    Michelle Udoh

    unravelling thought.

  • Felix Otoo

    Felix Otoo

    Software Engineer | Song Writer | Ghanaian | BSc. Computer Science

  • Srini


    Naval Architect ⛵️ Rational Optimist. The Underdog you’d love to root for.

  • Hello Katie Kodes

    Hello Katie Kodes

    Technologist in health space, digital marketing and writer | inspiration and optimal living enthusiast https://www.instagram.com/katiekodes/

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